Make Love To The World’ is an extension of the ongoing collaboration, STRICKER x ARTISTS, currently releasing work that engages artists in a growing collective of visual, audio and online-based work to curate a multimedia experience.


Make Love To The World explores the creative collective unconscious driving dreams and fantasy towards creativity and new thought. The individual is captured within the natural surroundings to fall back into this world and break down the physical self revealing and inspiring the truism of the artists, removing the labels placed on the female or the male. 


The exhibition moves between the super-real and everyday instinctual routines whether human created or naturally spawned exploring the stigmas surrounding male and female roles beyond the associative constructs of the human body. The relative perspective towards physicality allows for an intuitive and communal dream-like experience. 


In the form of installation, the set-up is instrumentally individualized to encourage the audience to embrace their innate sexuality. By dissolving the boundary between surreal candid moments, the exhibition explores the primitive senses that expose our magnetic relationship within nature, and presents the subjects as modern humans reflecting elements of the new technological world with its ricochet effects on human nature. 


While merging photography, sound, video and technology, the concept overflows beyond the physical realm, into a space of interaction, simultaneously online, and through international activities. Making love is the by-product of extending our human unconscious and creates a birth of the new, beyond sexism, toward sex, and forces the eye back into a natural state of being. The show presents the youth – female/male – without judgment caught in unadulterated instances. Therefore, we can begin to explore the intrinsic composition of our environment, and challenge the ideals that have been set within one’s constructed world of thought.


Photographing and collaborating with musicians and artists the conversation begins in the fused community beyond the media. STRICKER hopes to inspire the individual to dream and make love to the world through humor, the female gaze and raw nature. 


The exhibition runs on-site at The Hole NYC from July 2nd-4th, and continues here as an online gallery and marketplace.



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